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WRspice 4.2.16 3/28/17
Xic 4.2.17 4/9/17
xtlserv 4.2.1 11/15/15

  • The 4.2.15 releases have a very bad bug that basically breaks schematic mode. The release files have been removed, pending 4.2.16 release very soon.

  • Due to legal/financial issues, OpenAccess support will be discontinued in 4.2.16. This means that direct access to a Virtuoso or other OpenAccess database will no longer be possible. If you use this feature, please contact Whiteley Research. If there is sufficient need, the capability can be reinstated, however the OpenAccess plug-in, if it reappears, will be a sparate product.

  • Mac OS X support now extends to Sierra (10.12) and El Capitan (10.11). Yosemite (10.10) is no longer supported.

  • A new 4.2 branch has started for both Xic and WRspice. The binaries are installed in a different location among other changes, read the release notes:      Xic      WRspice

  • Generation 4 XicII and Xiv are now available. They are no longer separate distributions. Just install Xic, and read this.

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