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Miscellaneous Keywords

Below are a few keywords that don't seem to fit in the other categories.

RoundFlashSides sides
This keyword specifies the number of sides to use in the round objects created. The sides must be between 8 and 150.
Default: 20

BoxLineStyle style
This sets the linestyle of the boxes used in electrical mode, and in physical mode for some highlighting purposes such as zooming with button 3. The style is an integer whose binary value is replicated to form the lines used in the box.
Default: e38 (hex)

Constrain45 [y|n]
When `y' is given, vertices entered to new polygons and wires will be constrained to form angles at multiples of 45 degrees with existing vertices. The rotations in the spin command are restricted to multiples of 45 degrees.
Default: n

Stephen R. Whiteley 2012-04-01