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The EDITOR Feature Set

This feature set corresponds to the XicII virtual product. This was once a stand-alone layout editor product. Currently, the same functionality is provided via running Xic with the EDITOR feature set, which is set during license authentication.

If the full Xic feature set is licensed, one can force running with the EDITOR feature set by setting the environment variable FORCE_XICII before starting the Xic program.

This feature set restricts the functionality to physical layout editing. This provides a low-cost alternative for users that do not require the full functionality of Xic. We will continue to use ``XicII'' to refer to Xic running with this feature set.

In order to streamline support and maintenance, the documentation tree, i.e., the manual, help database, and release notes, is common to all feature sets. This is a slight disadvantage to users of restricted feature sets, as the documentation contains descriptions of disabled features, which may lead to confusion. However, this greatly simplifies maintaining the documentation which translates into lower cost to the customer, and also provides information to users about the potential functionality available by upgrading to a non-restricted license.

This section will list the differences and features that are unavailable in the XicII virtual product.

  1. Technology File
    Parts of the technology file that relate to features that are not available in XicII are ignored, but will generate warning messages. In the example technology files, these features are enclosed in macro-tested blocks to avoid the warnings. The syntax is


    The right side of the conditional can take these values:

    All features enabled.
    Layout editing feature set (XicII)
    Layout viewing feature set (Xiv)

  2. No Design Rule Checking
    XicII does not have DRC support, consequently there is no DRC Menu in XicII.

  3. No Electrical Mode
    XicII is a physical layout tool only. There is no schematic entry, and no SPICE capability. There is no Electrical or Physical button in the View Menu.

  4. No Extraction
    XicII has no extraction capability and no Extract Menu.

  5. No Batch or Server Modes
    The background processing capability is not available in XicII.

  6. `!' Commands
    The `!' commands in XicII are identical to those in Xic, however `!' commands in XicII which relate to unavailable features will not be recognized.

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