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Welcome to the 2017 XicTools Prices and Ordering Page

New in 2017
Permanent licensing is once again available!

Products are enabled by fixed-term or perpetual licensing which can be ordered from this page. To summarize, you first obtain a key from the Get A Key form below. The key identifies your installation in our database. The key is then used to order your license file, and future license files, using the Obtain Demo or Fixed-Term License form. You should save your key in a safe place. The key and license files are provided by email, along with a password to the program distribution repository and instructions. Payment can be made here by credit card.

To order a permanent license, one should first obtain a demo license, for each machine and in the configuration you wish to employ. You can then install the programs and start work immediately. The demo will last one month. Within this time, you should order the permanent licenses using the form below, or by contacting Whiteley Research directly. New permanent licenses will be provided upon receipt of payment or purchase order.

Permanent licenses will always be valid, however access to the distribution repository ("fast-track updates") after one year from purchase requires purchase of a "Maintenance Extension". Those under maintenance also have priority when requesting technical support relative to permanent license users off maintenance.

Contact Whiteley Research if you have questions, or have problems with the forms on this page.


Programs are enabled for use by fixed-term or perpetual licensing provided by encoding in a supplied license file. There are two types of license available: host-locked, and floating.
host-locked licenses
These are the traditional licenses for Xic and WRspice that have been available for many years. They allow the program to run on a single host, with no user limit. Authentication can be provided via a license server, which may be running on a different machine, or locally without running a license server. In the latter mode, network connectivity is not required, so this type of license may be desirable for laptops.

floating licenses
This type of license is new, and is available starting in 2016. The license must be served by the license server, the local validation mode is not available. The server must be run on a designated machine, for which the licenses are prepared. A floating license will enable a certain number of users to run simultaneously, depending on the number of "users" purchased. The programs can be run on any machine compatible with the software, and able to reach the server via a tcp/ip network. Once the user limit is reached, additional authentications will fail, until one of the existing sessions terminates.

Obtaining a key
A key is a text code that identifies the license. It is generated from information about the machine to be licensed. The key, while the license is active, provides access to the software repository. It is also used to obtain the license file, and when purchasing additional time.

To authenticate floating licenses, the license server must run on the host that provided the license key. Otherwise, any binary compatible machine connected via tcp/ip to the hosts running XicTools applications will suffice (if a license server is used).

This is a fundamental difference between node-locked and floating licenses:

  • The node-locked license is keyed to the machine running the applications.

  • A floating license is keyed to the machine running the license server.

A key for an installation can be created from the form below.

You should keep your keys in a safe place. You will need your keys when extending the license. It would be handy to keep them in a text file so that you can cut/paste them into the license ordering form.

The key requires some information about the computer that is to receive the installation. The procedure is slightly different for the various supported operating systems. In general, you download a small program and run it, which produces a file named "XtLicenseInfo" which is used to generate the key.

The programs will run on Windows 8.1 and later versions. Obtain the licinfo.exe program, and run it on your computer, which creates the XtLicenseInfo file.
For OS X (10.10 Yosemite and later), click to download the script. Read the script text for instructions: from a terminal window, make the script executable and run it. This creates the XtLicenseInfo file.
The programs are supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (or equivalent) or later. The shell script will create a XtLicenseInfo file, as for OS X. You may not need to download and run this, if you know your computer's host name and primary ethernet address. The host name can be obtained from the hostname command. The HW/ethernet address can be found from the result of running the ifconfig command.
From the XtLicenseInfo file, one obtains the host name and key text to enter into the form below. For Linux, the key text is the ethernet address, as six hex numbers separated by colons. For OS X, it is the machine serial number, and for Windows it is the CDROM Key.

After filling in the yellow part of the form, press Submit. Your key will be emailed to you, and also entered into the Obtain License form below.

Click HERE for additional information and recommendations about keys and licenses.

Click HERE to view the license server README file, which provides lots of detailed information.

Existing Keys
If you want to check the data on file for an existing key, enter it into the Key field at the bottom of the form and click Find Existing. This will fill in the rest of the form from the Whiteley Research database. To change the email or contact info for an existing key, just make needed changes and press Submit.

Get A Key

Host name:
Key text:
System Type:
Your email:
Your name and contact info
Please check entries carefully then press

Obtaining a license
The form below can be used to order a license file, which will enable the programs for a specified term in months. Enter your key into the top of the form, and the required licensing term in months on the bottom line of the form. For each program desired enter a number into the Num. Users entry area. If 0 is entered, the license will be host-locked. If a number larger than 0 is entered, the license will be floating, with the simultaneous user count limited to the number given. If the text area contains no text, then the corresponding program will not be licensed at all.

The cost to license each program is the base rate shown, multiplied by the number of months, and multiplied by the number of users if the license is floating.

Pressing Continue will bring up a summary and confirmation page.

Obtaining a demo
Free one-month licenses are available, which license all products. Only one demo license is available per key, if you have had a demo and wish to extend or repeat it contact Whiteley Research. To obtain a demo license, put "0" or "1" in the Num. Users box for DEMO. If "0", the license will be host-locked, i.e., the programs will run on the licensed host only, with no user limit, and a license server is optional. If "1" or any other number, the license will be floating for a single user, i.e., a license server must be run on the licensed host, and programs can be run from any connected machine, but only one copy of Xic/XicII/Xiv and WRspice can be running. When the DEMO is given a value, all other fields of the form are ignored.

The XT product is equivalent to ordering XIC and WRS separately with the same Num Users, but for a lower price. You can order floating XT and additional floating XIC or WRS. but it is not possible to mix floating and fixed licenses for a single program, or to order duplicate fixed licenses.

Obtain Demo or Fixed-Term License

Product Description Unit Monthly
Service Rate
Num. Users, or 0
for Host-Locked
DEMO One month, all products free
XIV Xiv layout viewer $60
XICII XicII layout editor $120
XIC Xic graphical editor $220
WRS WRspice circuit simulator $180
XT Xic and WRspice bundled $340

Obtain Permanent License

Permanent licenses are once again being offered, after an attempt to impose a per-month subscription model in 2016 which was, shall we say, not wildly popular. There are some modifications from the original approach:
  1. Windows and non-Windows programs are priced the same. Note that Linux is the native platfrom for these applications, and there are some features which may not be availablie in Windows versions (e.g., OpenAccess support and the ability to support multiple users through X-Windows), so Linux is recommended.

  2. Access to updates is available for a period of one year, after which purchase of a "Maintenance Extension" is required to access the distribution repository.

  3. Quantity discounts are available when two or more permanent licenses are ordered at once. Contact Whiteley Research for a quotation.

Single unit base prices valid through 2017
Product Description List Price Buy!
XIV-P Xiv layout viewer $1295
XIV-ME Xiv maintenance extension one year $130
XICII-P XicII layout editor $2495
XICII-ME XicII maintenance extension one year $250
XIC-P Xic graphical editor $4995
XIC-ME Xic maintenance extension one year $500
WRS-P WRspice circuit simulator $3995
WRS-ME WRspice maintenance extension per year $400
XT-P Xic and WRspice bundled $7495
XT-ME Bundle maintenance extension one year $750

Invoice Payment

You can make a payment by credit card with the button below. If you don't have an invoice or invoice number, use 1000 in the form entry area for invoice number.


  • About Sales Tax
    We are not required to collect sales tax from anyone. According to California law, computer software that is delivered electronically is not subject to sales or use tax.

  • Educational Discount
    A twenty percent (20%) discount applies to purchases from accredited educational institutions. Contact Whiteley Research to obtaion the discount, and for instructions if you wish to pay by credit card.

  • Software Distribution
    Software is distributed via Internet download from a password-protected site. This site also provides downloading and installation instructions. A repository password will be provided when a license is ordered.

  • Documentation Availability
    The latest manuals are always available for viewing on-line and as PostScript and PDF files for printing or local viewing. This web site also provides access to the latest Help system database.

Permanent License Notes

  • The magic formula for quantity (N = 2 to 256) discounts is

    N/(1 + (0.51 + 0.0029*N)*log10(N))

    For all products, the formula above is applied directly to obtain the base quantity price as

    BaseQuantityPrice = UnitPrice*formula(N)
    where N is the quantity ordered.

    Please contact Whiteley Research if questions.

  • Receive full credit for the XicII purchase price if you upgrade to Xic, at any time.

  • Receive full credit for the Xiv purchase price if you upgrade to XicII or Xic, at any time.

  • Full technical support and fast-track updates are provided for one year following purchase. Limited technical support is available perpetually.

  • Maintenance includes full technical support and fast-track updates, for 1-year periods beyond the 1-year provided with the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fast-track updates?
Customers have the ability to access the restricted parts of the Whiteley Research web site, and retrieve product updates and other material and information. This is available for active term-limited licenses, and for permanent licenses within one year of purchase or under maintenance.
What technical support is provided?
Full technical support is provided for active term-limited licenses and permanent licenses within a year from purchase or under maintenance. Limited technical support is provided for permanent licenses that are older than one year and not under masintenance.

What is full technical support?
Whiteley Research will apply its best effort to answer questions and solve customer's problems in the shortest possible time. This may include working closely with the customer on adapting the programs for specific applications.

What is limited technical support?
Whiteley Research will answer email queries.
How do I place an order?
Licenses are purchased on line using the form above. Payment can be made immediately by credit card, otherwise contact Whiteley Research for other payment options. Upon receipt of the payment or purchase order, Whiteley Research will provide access to the restricted distribution area of this web site, from where the programs can be obtained. Also provided will be the license file needed to run the programs. These will be provided by email, within 24 hours.

Contact Whiteley Research using the feedback form or via email at to resolve questions and technical/pricing issues. Written quotations are provided upon request. Purchase orders can be emailed, or faxed to Whiteley Research at (408) 245-4033.

What is the refund policy?
The order can be cancelled for any reason within 30 days. Simply notify Whiteley Research, return any materials, and provide a signed letter indicating that all copies of the provided license file have been destroyed.
What guarantees are provided for these products?
The following paragraph contains a standard legal disclaimer for computer software.

Whiteley Research provides these programs in the hope that they will be useful, but does not provide a warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. In no event shall Whiteley Research Inc. be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

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