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Single-Frequency FM

General Form:
sffm(vo va [fc mdi fs])
v1 12 0 sffm(0 1m 20k 5 1k)

parameter description default value units
vo offset   volts or amps
va amplitude   volts or amps
fc carrier frequency 1/tstop hz
mdi modulation index 0  
fs signal frequency 1/tstop hz

The shape of the waveform is described by the following equation:

value = vo + va . sin((2$ \pi$ . fc . time) + mdi . sin(2$ \pi$ . fs . time))

This function applies only to transient analysis, where time is the running variable. When referring to default values, tstep is the printing increment and tstop is the final time in transient analysis, see 2.7.9 for explanation.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2019-03-16